• G17-FT GENTEC Flexible Brazing Tip

    $65.00 $48.00


    UNIWELD® Type 17-9 Equivalent©
    VICTOR® FE-J part 0325-0102  Equivalent ©

     G17-FT GENTEC® Flexible Brazing Tip has a 9" Inch long flexible elbow that can be shaped to provide flexibility for any FLAME POSITION.

    • 9" Inch Long Flexible Elbow
    • Thread 5/16"-27
    • Copper Brazing Capacity: up to 7/8"
    • Bent / Re-Bent
    • Length of Tip: 9"
    • Mfg by Genstar Technologies

    Fits Torch Handles:

    UNIWELD® 71
    VICTOR® J-28
    GENTEC® 140T 
    GENTEC® 141TA

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    VICTOR Industrial Equipment Catalog Form No. 65-1308 (1-/16/13) and website 
    GENTEC HVAC Plumbing Catalog CAT-HVAC1012, GENTEC Gas Welding and Cutting Catalog Cat-GWACA01012 
    FIREPOWER Catalog 83-1409 (02/21/14)
    TURBOTORCH  NO. 56-1252C (5/15/11) and website as of 1/15/15
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