How We Got Started

In remembrance of Warren A Bibow 5/30/1932 - 8/7/2017   Psalm 23

"One Measure Of An Idea's Brilliance Is How Obvious It Seems In Retrospect." Margaret Guroff © 2002

May 16th 2006 N.A.O.H.S.M, Hartford CT

National Association of Oil Heat Service Managers Tradeshow
Chris (Left) & Warren Bibow (Right) 

Bibow Design Group was founded in 2003 with a simple mission, to design and provide ergonomic, specialty tools for the plumbing, welding, HVAC/R industries and other professional trades. 

Bibow Design Group and Bibow Industries, Inc. officially started when Warren Bibow, a Master Carpenter for 45 years, got disgusted in the Spring of 2003 after not having a "simple, cost-effective, all-in-one solution" to organizing his torch, hose, flint striker, valve key, etc. around/on his B-Acetylene tank.  That one problem led Warren to design and develop a simple, crude tool to organize the major components (torch, hose, flint strikers, valve keys, etc.) used in soldering, welding, and brazing around his type "B" acetylene tank.  Thus, TANKMATE® was born!

Upon seeing the crude invention in the Spring of 2003, Warren's son Chris, a successful Wall St. executive took his father's proto-type tank organizing tool, conducted extensive industry research and then refined and standardized said tool to various cylinders throughout the plumbing, welding, HVAC/R, medical and scuba diving industries...  After showing the refined tools to various plumbers, welders, and HVAC/R technicians and general contractors (who gladly offered to buy the TANKMATE®), Warren and Chris knew they had designed a REAL PRODUCT that solved an unfilled organizing need.  After Chris conducted further industry analysis and product research, coupled with ample end-user analysis, Chris came to realize that hand-carrying tanks was a real pain-in-the-wrist, and that hand-carrying tanks IN ANY & EVERY INDUSTRY the traditional way--(by the Valve Stem and/or Regulator...), would lead end-users to developing CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME and ARTHRITIS.  This one revelation led Chris to design and invent a simple Tank Handle Hook™ and Tank Handle™.  After the TankMate® and Tank Handles™ technologies were introduced to the market in 2003, it was clear that EVERY person in theworld hand carrying tanks or wanting to better organize the major components-(torch, hose & accessories) used with any and all tanks, would want to BUY a low cost, highly efficient and effective SYSTEM.

The Bibow Design Group, Bibow Industries Inc and ALL of our DBAs and online store are 


Our mission is to maximize shareholders' value by providing our customers with unique, state-of-the-art products and services solutions to common, overlooked problems plaguing mankind and their use of tools.


September 14-17, 2005 Nashville, TN