• 101Y-MCA GENTEC MC-TANK Acetylene Regulator CGA200

    $85.00 $75.00

    101Y-MCA GENTEC MC-TANK Acetylene Regulator 

    Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with© TurboTorch® AR-MC, UNIWELD® RMC, GOSS® EA-2G, 
    Prest-O-Lite® R-411MC part 04X37, ESAB® R-411MC part 04X37

     101Y-MCA GENTEC MC-TANK Acetylene Regulator has a CGA200 Tank Connection

    • For 10 CF MC Acetylene Tank
    • Body is machined from class “A” brass bar stock
    • Sintered bronze inlet filter
    • 101Y series has a diaphragm-style seat assembly
    • Plastic adjustment knob for smooth “easy touch” pressure setting
    • Great for HVAC, Plumbing, Mechanical Contractors
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