• 10CM GENTEC Torch Hose Crimper

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    10CM GENTEC Compact Torch Hose Crimper

    Works with: 11ST GENTEC©, 10ST GENTEC, 10CM GENTEC, Smith little torch

    Jewelry Torch / Small Torch / Compact Torch Hose Crimper makes installing new Jewelry Torch Hoses by GENTEC, SMITH, UNIWELD and other manufacturers easy.  Simply slide on the new twin hoses onto the ends of the Jewelry Torch, slide down the manufacturers' recommended, supplied or sourced OEM hose clamps over the intended section of hose to be crimped, crimp the OEM recommended, supplied or sourced OEM hose ferrules tightly.  TorchTips LLC, Bibow Industries Inc, TorchTools, Inc ONLY RECOMMENDS using OEM sourced hose ferrules from EACH manufacturer for their particular jewelry torch hose or small torch hose.  Mix and matching OEM hose ferrules with different manufacturers hoses may cause problems, fire, burns and perhaps DEATH!
    • NOT a GENTEC product
    • NOT a Bibow Industries Inc, TorchTools Inc, or TorchTips LLC product
    • Buyers and Installers of this hose crimping tool assume ALL liability in removing and reinstalling twin torch hoses onto Jewelry Torches made by GENTEC, SMITH, UNIWELD and other torch manufacturers
    • AFTER installation, REMOVAL, place extremely soapy water over crimped on hose ends to ensure NO gas leakage before STRIKING an ARC or attempting to FIRE or LIGHT the torch.
    • Buyers, Users, Installers assume ALL liabilities and should be certified torch and jewelry torch and torch hose repair professionals.
    • TOOL is provided "AS IS" no other warranties or guarantees to the buyer, installer, repair technician, their heirs or any 3rd parties.
    • BUYING this tool from us is understood as "acceptance" by you of the aforementioned terms and conditions
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