• 153X-125G GENTEC Oxygen Regulator Gauge Guard

    $315.00 $290.00

    153X-125G GENTEC® HD Oxygen Regulator

    Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with©™ VICTOR® SR450D-540, UNIWELD® RV8010CutSkill® RC450-125-540, HARRIS® 3500-125-540, Western® RC-9-3, SMITH®  HB1510A-540, MILLERSMITH®  HB1510A-540 ALL with Gauge Guards

    153X-125G Heavy Duty, Single Stage Oxygen Regulator with Gauge Guards is ideal for industrial, steel fabrication, ship building, metallurgical and chemical industries.
    • 2-1/2" gauges for easy reading
    • 3-1/4" stainless steel diaphragm for accurate pressure delivery
    • Delrin cap bushing for smooth adjustments
    • Stem-type seat assembly for more reliable performance
    • Forged Brass Body and Housing Cap
    • Self re-seating  external pressure relief valve on Oxygen, Inert Gas and Air Models 
    • Sintered bronze inlet filter
    • Single Stage Construction
    • Steel Gauge Guard Protector GP32X Green for Oxygen Included
    • Weight: 4 lbs 15 oz
    • UL Listed
    • MAX inlet pressure 3000 PSI
    • MAX delivery pressure 5-125 PSI
    • Inlet Gauge 2-1/2", 4000 PSI
    • Outlet Gauge 2-1/2", 200 PSI
    • Inlet Connection CGA540
    • Outlet Connection 9/16” - 18RH(M)

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    GENTEC Gas Welding and Cutting Catalog Cat-GWACA01012 and website as of 1/15/15
    FIREPOWER Catalog 83-1409 (02/21/14)
    TURBOTORCH  NO. 56-1252C (5/15/11) and website as of 1/15/15
    WORTHINGTON Catalog-2013_rev3 and website as of 1/15/15
    GOSS Equipment Catalog Form Number D-460 04/12 and website as of 1/15/15

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