• 25-110 GENTEC Cutting Tip Welding Tip Refacing Tool

    $20.00 $15.00

    25-110 GENTEC Cutting Tip Welding Refacing Tool
    REFACES Welding, Heating, Cutting, Brazing Tips, Nozzles

    Works with ALL Cutting, Welding, Heating Tips: VICTOR®, TURBOTORCH®, UNIWELD®, HARRIS®, SMITH®, CONCOA®, AIRCO®, VICTOR®, ESAB®, PUROX®, KOIKE®, CutSkill®, FirePower®, Superior®, Western Ent.®, 

    Simply place the damaged Cutting Tip or Welding TIP end into the front opening of the TIP REFACING TOOL, hold tip in the center of the GREEN Sleeve, and slowly turned the stainless steel turning knob. 5-15 turns and tip ends emerge looking like new!  A must have for any welder,HVAC, Mechanical Contractor, Scrapper, or anyone using Cutting Torches, Machine Cutting Torchs or Welding Tips and Elbows.