• 3-W-1 VICTOR 0324-0073 Welding Brazing Style Nozzle

    $70.00 $59.00

    3-W-1 VICTOR® 0324-0073 Welding Brazing Style Nozzle 

    • Gas Service: Acetylene Hydrogen
    • Size 3
    • Ideal for soldering, brazing, heating, hardfacing, etc.
    • Red copper tip end
    • 65-degree tip angle
    • Long cone flame
    • One-piece copper elbow tip
    • 4.5 inches long
    • EQUIVALENT© UNIWELD® Type 13-3*
    • EQUIVALENT© FIREPOWER® 3-W-1-FS 0324-0153*

    142T GENTEC® Torch Handle
    100 Series, 100C, 100FC VICTOR® Torch Handles
    WH350 UNIWELD® Torch Handles
    150 250 FIREPOWER® Torch Handles


    VICTOR Industrial Equipment Catalog Form No. 65-1308 (1-/16/13) and website as of 1/15/15
    *GENTEC Gas Welding and Cutting Catalog Cat-GWACA01012 and website as of 1/15/15
    FIREPOWER Catalog 83-1409 (02/21/14) and website as of 1/15/15

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