• 591X-1500 GENTEC Oxygen High Pressure Regulator

    $1,350.00 $950.00

    591X-1500 GENTEC Oxygen High Pressure Regulator


    591X-1500 O2 Oxygen  High Pressure Piston Regulator features a reliable piston design for precise gas control at high inlet and delivery pressures rating up to 4500 PSIG. Like all GENTEC® quality products, the 591X-750 Oxygen High-Pressure piston regulator provides superior performance and safety features. SEE FLOW RATE CHART picture

    • Body is machined from class "A" brass

    • PISTON type construction
    • Delrin cap bushing for smooth adjustments
    • Sintered bronze inlet filter
    • 1/4" Stainless Steel Compression-Tube Fitting (GENLOCK) Outlet
    • G25B-4000 2-1/2", Dual Scale, 1/4" NPT Pressure gauges for easy reading
    • Weight 4 lbs
    • Ship Weight 6 lbs
    • Conforms to CGA-E4 standards for gas pressure regulators
    • Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with©™* VICTOR® SR4G-540
    • Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with©™* HARRIS® 8700-1500-540,
    • Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with©™* WESTERN® RS-9-15
    • MAX inlet pressure 3000 PSI
    • MAX delivery pressure 100 - 1500 PSI
    • Inlet Gauge 2-1/2", 4000 PSI
    • Outlet Gauge 2-1/2", 2000 PSI
    • Inlet Connection = Regulator Nut = CGA540
    • Outlet Connection 1/4" Stainless Steel Compression-Tube Fitting (GENLOCK) Outlet

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