673CHNP-4 GENTEC 106D7-4 KOIKE AIRCO Machine Cutting Tip

$58.00 $48.00

673CHNP-4 GENTEC® High Speed Machine
Propane / Propylene Gas
 2-piece Cutting Tip

Compatible to OR interchangeable with© KOIKE®/AIRCO® 106D7-4 Divergent Tip part # 106D7-4
  • Tip Sizes:  673CHNP-0  673CHNP-1  673CHNP-2  673CHNP-3   673CHNP-4   673CHNP-5  673CHNP-6 673CHNP-7  673CHNP-8
  • For Hand and Machine Cutting Torches
  • Fits KOIKE® Silver Cut 250 Hand Torch
  • Fits KOIKE® Hand Torch, MK-36, MK-48, MK-150, MK-250, MK-300
  • Fits KOIKE® Machine Torch 300L and 500L
  • Fits CONCOA® /AIRCO® Hand Cutting Torch Series: 3000, 7000, 9000, 9500, 9700
  • Fits CONCOA® / AIRCO® Cutting Attachments: 3500, 4700, 4800, 5700, 5800
  • Fits CONCOA® / AIRCO® Machine Cutting Torch: 4700 Series

Cutting tips are precision machined from high quality copper alloys for durability.  The gas passages for single-piece acetylene tips are accurately swage-formed and shaped on polished mandrels for smooth and efficient gas flow.  Dual-piece tips, featuring an internal spline configuration are designed for alternative fuel gases and offer the optimum cutting performance.  High-speed cutting tips feature stainless-steel insert core for longer life.  All tips are 100% flame tested.


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