• 77SA6Q GENTEC Adaptor Screw Connect Torch TO Quick Connect Tip

    $55.00 $45.00

    77SA6Q GENTEC Adaptor 

    Screw Connect TO Quick Connect Adaptor

    • 77SA6Q adapter fits into ALL SCREW- Connect air-fuel torch handles
    • 77SA6Q allows users to use QUICK Connet tips with a SCREW-Connect Air Fuel Torch Handle
    • Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with© TURBOTORCH® SA
    • Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with© GOSS® BRS-770
    • Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with© SUREFIRE® AA1202
    • Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with© UNIWELD® UTA
    • Great emergency tool
    • Job Time Saver
    • Works with ALL GENTEC Quick-Connect Torch Tips

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