GKNT GENTEC Nitrogen Car Tire Inflation Kit 175 PSI

$450.00 $375.00

GKNT GENTEC® Nitrogen Car Tire Inflation Kit 175 PSI

·         Easy and cost effective filling of automobile and truck tires with pure nitrogen.

·         Tank Carry Handles / Tank Stands make kits portable, easy to operate

·         Kits conform to the specifications and requirements of UL, DOT, and OSHA.

·         Compressed Nitrogen Gas, a dry inert gas, allows tires to last longer, perform better, and function with a greater degree of reliability than tires inflated with standard compressed air.

·         Nitrogen's large-sized molecules helps with tire pressure retention, leads to more uniform tire wear, and allows for better gas mileage.

·         Nitrogen has a low thermal expansion coefficient that minimizes heat damage from pressure changes.


·         12” hose whip end,

·         High pressure Nitrogen regulator: 175 PSI max

·         Dial pressure gauge with reset purge valve

·         12 ft. coiled hose.

·        The kits are also available with 20 or 40 cu. ft. nitrogen cylinders in steel carrying stand

·        Kits and components subject to equivalency rules* due to tarffis

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