GP21 GENTEC Oxy Acetylene Steel Pressure Gauge Guards

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GP21 GENTEC OxyAcetylene Steel Gauge Guards 

Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable©™* VICTOR® 1429-0068 & 1429-0069 parts SR 250/VTS 250

GP21 OxygenACETYLENE Steel Gauge Guards are manufactured specifically for GENTEC Small Torch, Jewelry Torch, HVAC and Industrial Oxygen & Acetylene Gas Regulators with 2" Pressure Gauges. 
  • Steel Construction
  • GP21X GREEN Powder Coated for OXYGEN Pressure Gauges
  • GP21Y RED Powder Coated for ACETYLENE Pressure Gauges
  • Works with ALL 2" OXYGEN / ACETYLENE Pressure Gauges
  • Fits ALL GENTEC Small Torch Regulators with 2" pressure gauges
  • Fits ALL GENTEC Jewelry Torch Regulators with 2" pressure gauges
  • Gits ALL GENTEC Industrial Regulators with 2" pressure gauges
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GENTEC Gas Welding and Cutting Catalog Cat-GWACA01012 and website as of 1/15/15

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