• GR15-4000G GENTEC 1.5 Inch Steel Pressure Gauge

    $35.00 $28.00

    GR15-4000G 1.5" Steel Pressure Gauge, 1/8" NPT

    Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with©™* VICTOR®  1424-0001 with Gauge Gard

    GENTEC® Pressure Gauges are manufactured to meet strictly regulated quality standards (UL404 and ANSI/ASME B40.1) and provide accuracy & reliability for use in O.E.M. and replacement applications. GENTEC® brass gauges are offered in both single scale (PSI) and dual scale (PSI & kPa) to fulfill a wide variety of applications.

    • 1.5" For Easy Reading
    • Dual Scale PSI and PSI & kPA
    • Steel Case

    • GREEN case color
    • Gauge Guard
    • GX15 1.5" Replacment Snap-On Plastic Pressure Gauge Lens
    • Rear Entry
    • Scale Ranges 0 - 4000 PSI
    • 1/8" NPT Inlet

    VICTOR Industrial Equipment Catalog Form No. 65-1308 (1-/16/13) and website 
    GENTEC Gas Welding and Cutting Catalog Cat-GWACA01012 and website as of 1/15/15
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