HST18-06 GENTEC Small Torch Jewelry Torch Twin Hose

$63.00 $52.00

HST18-06 GENTEC Twin Jewelry Torch Hose

Compatible to, Equivalent with SMITH® 13254-4-6, UNIWELD® ARTH6B 

HST18-06 GENTEC® Small Torch, Jewerly Torch Twin Gas Hose has 1/8”I.D. and is strong and flexible color-coded green for oxygen and red for fuel gas. Twin hoses are easy to maneuver. 

  • Gas Service: Oxy / Fuel
  • Dimension: 1/8" x 6'
  • Connection: 9/16"-18 RH/LH(Fuel), B-Connections, includes FERRULES
  • B to A Hose Adapters Available
                    24-0105  B Size (M) - A Size (F) RH 
                    24-0106 B Size (M) - A Size (F) LH
  • Perfect Replacement for SMITH® 13254-4-6 twin hose
  • Perfect Replacement for UNIWELD® ARTH6B twin hose
  • 12' Foot Hose Available: HST18-12