KASF4BSP GENTEC Air Acetylene Torch Kit

$245.00 $225.00

KASF4BSP GENTEC Air Acetylene Soft Flame, Screw Connect Torch Kit

Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with©™* 
® KA-37H,
® K-37 - all with Front Valve Torch Handle

KASF4BSP GENTEC® Air-Acetylene Soft-Flame, Screw-Connect Torch Kits feature the highest quality and best value for brazing and soldering. 

KASF4BSP Kit Contains

  • 101Y-BA B-Tank Acetylene Regulator, CGA200 B-Tank Connection
  • 77ST-RA Rear Valve, Screw-Connect, Air-Acetylene Torch Handle
  • 7S-4SA Brass Torch Tip - SOFT FLAME
  • HGA-012A 12' Foot R Grade Torch Hose
  • SOFT SOLDER Copper Tubing Capacity: 1”    
  • Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with©™*
    ® KA-38H,
    ® K-38   all with Front Valve Torch Handle
  • CRT40B Acetylene MC-Tank Carry Stand
                       7S-1SA,  7S-2SA,  7S-3SA, 7S-4SA,  7S-5SA,  7S-6SA

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