KCMA16TCSP GENTEC Compact Torch Kit

$825.00 $775.00

KCMA16TCSP GENTEC Compact Torch Kit

KCMA16TCSP GENTEC® COMPACT TORCH™ for HVAC and Plumbing gets you into tight spaces and allows you to do more precise work than any other torch on the market!  The Compact Torch’s small size, chrome-plated brass torch handle with stainless steel internal tubing and copper tips provides the durability one needs. The easily maneuverable 12-foot extra flexible twin hoses have “B” fittings for larger regulator connections. The Compact Torch is perfect for soldering and brazing jobs in HVAC & Plumbing industries. “A” fitting adaptors for light/medium duty regulators are included with Kits without regulators. Optional torch tips can be used for Oxy-Acetylene, Oxy-Propane or Oxy-MAPP® gases.
  • Lightweight durable construction with chrome-plated brass body and stainless steel inner gas tubes
  • Easy manipulation in tight spaces
  • Tips have double o-ring seats to ensure leak-proof connections
  • Designed to braze and solder the smallest jobs up to 1-1/4” copper tubing
  • Oxy-Acetylene and Oxy-Fuel Kits
  • Durable and extra flexible hoses with “B” connections (“A” adaptors included in Kits without regulators)

KCMA16TCSP GENTEC Compact Torch Kit Components:

  • GAS Service: Oxy-Acetylene
  • 10CM Gentec®  Compact Torch Handle
  • 10CMP GMTT Twin Tip: Oxy-Acetylene, Propane, MAPP®
  • 10CMP GMTR MultiFlame Rosebud Tip: Oxy-Acetylene
  • 10CMP-4 #4 Single Tip: Oxy-AcetylenePropane, MAPP®
  • 10CMP-6 #6 Single Tip: Oxy-AcetylenePropane, MAPP®
  • HST18-12, 12 Foot Twin Gas Hose
  • 710X-80G OXYGEN Regulator with Gauge Guards
  • 710Y-15G ACETYLENE Regulator with Gauge Guards
  • CY20-540 Oxygen Cylinder, 20 Cubic Feet
  • CY10-MC Acetylene Cylinder, 10 Cubic Feet
  • 24-CV9PR Gas Regulator Check Valves
  • 27-0005 MC-Tank, B-Tank Acetylene Wrench 
  • CRT10  Red Plastic Cylinder Carrier with Hose Wrap
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