KSTA16-H12SP GENTEC Jewelry Torch

$625.00 $525.00

KAST16-H12SP GENTEC® Jewelry Torch

KSTA16-H12SP GENTEC® lightweight and durable oxy-fuel Small Torch™ provides precision flame adjustment and control for soldering and brazing jobs on small parts or in very tight spaces. The small-size, chrome-plated brass torch handle, with stainless steel internal tubing and the small copper tips, provides the durability one needs. The 1/8” I.D. strong and flexible color-coded (green for oxygen and red for fuel gas) twin hoses are easy to maneuver. The Small Torch™ or GENTEC Jewelry Torch is perfect for hobby, craft, glass blowing, electronic repair and manufacturing. It is also good for light duty metal sculpture and HVAC/R repair.

  • Lightweight durable construction with chrome-plated solid brass body and stainless steel inner gas tubes
  • Easy manipulation in very tight spaces
  • Designed to braze and solder the smallest of materials
  • Can melt up to 3 oz of silver and weld up to 5/32” thick steel
  • Oxy-Acetylene and Oxy-Fuel Kits
  • Provides a stable and precise concentrated feather flame up to 6000° F
  • Durable and Flexible hoses with “B” connections (“A” connection adapters are available)
  • SMITH EQUIPMENT® The Little Torch compatible

KSTP16-H12SP GENTEC Small Torch, Jewlery Torch KIT COMPONENTS:

  • GAS Service: Propane / MAPP® 
  • 10ST Gentec®  Torch Handle
  • 10STP Tips 3 -7
  • HST18-12, 12 Foot Twin Gas Hose
  • 710X-80 OXYGEN Regulator
  • 710F-80 FUEL Regulator
  • NO Cylinder or Tank Stand for 20 CF Oxygen Tank
  • NO Cylinder or Tank Stand for Fuel Tank
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