KSTA04SP GENTEC Jewelry Torch Kit

$235.00 $185.00

KSTA04SP GENTEC Jewelry Torch Kit

Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with© SMITH® 23-1007A, MILLER®SMITH® 23-1007A, UNIWELD® ART1007A

KSTA04SP GENTEC® Jewelry Torch Kit is a lightweight, durable oxy-fuel torch that provides precision flame adjustment and control for soldering and brazing jobs on small parts or in very tight spaces. The Small Torch™ Jewelry Torch is perfect for hobby, craft, glass blowing, electronic repair, manufacturing, light duty metal sculpture and HVAC/R repair.  

  • Gas Service: Acetylene with Curved Tip Sizes 10STP 2-7
    Propane, MAPP® with Curved Tip Sizes 3-7, "NO SIZE 2"
  • Lightweight durable construction with chrome-plated solid brass body
  • Stainless steel inner gas tubes
  • Easy manipulation in very tight spaces
  • Designed to braze and solder the smallest of materials
  • Can melt up to 3 oz of silver and weld up to 5/32” thick steel
  • Provides a stable and precise concentrated feather flame up to 6000° F
  • Compatible, Equivalent, Interchangeable with© SMITH®  23-1012, MILLER® SMITH®  23-1012, UNIWELD® ART1012 
KSTA04SP Kit Contains:
  • 10ST Torch Handle 
  • Single Curved Tip: 10STP-4 (only 1 Tip)
  • HST18-06  1/8" Twin Hose, 6 foot hose
  • B To A Hose Adaptors 26-0105 / 26-010
  • Curved Twin Tips
  • Gas Regulators
  • Multi-Flame Rosebud heating Tips

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