• MTW-1 UNIWELD Micro 6000 Style Brazing Tip

    $65.00 $55.00

    MTW-1 UNIWELD® Micro 6000® Style Brazing Tip

    Mini-style Oxy-Acetylene Brazing Tips, rugged and short, are designed to provide precise and concentrated heat up to 6000˚F.

    • Brazing Capacity: 1/2"  
    • Length of Tip: 3"
    • GMTW-1 GENTEC® equivalent MTW-1 UNIWELD®
    • GMTW-1 GENTEC® interchangeable MTW-1 UNIWELD®
    • GMTW-1 GENTEC® replaces MTW-1 UNIWELD®
    • GMTW-1 GENTEC® compatible MTW-1 UNIWELD®
    • Mfg by Genstar Technologies

    Fits Torch Handles:

    UNIWELD® 71
    VICTOR® J-28
    GENTEC® 140T 
    GENTEC® 141T 
    GENTEC® 141TA
    GENTEC® 342T-Y
    GENTEC® 10CM


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