TL-44 TURBOTORCH Auto Ignite Propane MAPP Style Hand Torch

$120.00 $100.00

TL-44 TURBOTORCH® Propane / MAPP® Style Auto-Ignite Hand Torch 

Compatible to OR interchangeable with©™ GENTEC® 8Q-44TP, GOSS® Q-125, SUREFIRE® T655, Bernozomatic® TS8000

TL-44 TURBOTORCH® Propane / MAPP® style Auto Ignite Hand Torch features a push button igniter, flame-lock button, stainless steel burn tube, high output replaceable stainless steel swirl flame tip end, flame adjustment valve and durable cast aluminum body. This easy to operate torch comes with a CGA 600 inlet connection for use with either a 1 lb MAPP® or Propane cylinder for soldering and brazing of copper, brass & aluminum. 
  • High output Swirl Flame
  • Use with Propane and MAPP®
  • Durable cast aluminum body
  • Precise flame adjustment
  • CGA600 inlet connection
  • Number 4 Tip End
  • Number 3 Tip End Available
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Due to tarffis, part is subject to Product Equivalency Rules.. Part received maybe 100% equivalent of mill spec OEM
  • TS8000 Equivalent


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