VICTOR CST800C 17 Inch Style Cutting Torch with FLASHBACK ARRESTORS

$550.00 $425.00

VICTOR CST800C 17 Inch Style Cutting Torch With FlashBack Arrestors

CST800C VICTOR® 17 inch Medium Duty Multi-Fuel Gas Style Hand Cutting Torch

  • Machined from high-quality forged brass and stainless steel components
  • Features a drop-in tube mixer design
  • Balanced design and rugged construction, ideal for medium/heavy duty cutting and scraping operations 
  • Multi-Fuel Gas Cutting by Tip Set-up: 
    Oxy-Acetylene with VICTOR® Cutting Tip 3-101, 2-3-118 (GENTEC® 172C and 172CG for Scarfing); 
    Oxy-PropaneOxy-Natural Gas with VICTOR® Cutting Tip 3-GPN (GENTEC® 172CN); 
    Oxy-PropyleneOxy-MAPP® with VICTOR® Cutting Tip (GENTEC® 172CP).  
  • FlashBack Arrestors  INCLUDED
  • VICTOR® CST800FC with FlashBack Arrestors


  • Acetylene  ?-3-101 VICTOR® Size 000-6, GENTEC® 172C  series
  • Acetylene - Scarfing VICTOR® 2-3-118, GENTEC® 172CG series
  • Natural Gas / Propane VICTOR®  ?-3-GPN Size 000-5, GENTEC® 172CN series
  • Propylene / MAPP® VICTOR ?-3-GPP Size 0,1,2, GENTEC® 172CP series

VICTOR Industrial Equipment Catalog Form No. 65-1308 (1-/16/13) and website as of 1/2015

GENTEC Gas Welding and Cutting Catalog Cat-GWACA01012 and website as of 1/2015

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