VICTOR J-100C-FA Style Torch Flashback Arrestors

$192.95 $185.00

VICTOR J-100C-FA Style Torch Flashback Arrestors

GENTEC®  141T-FA Equivalent©™* 
UNIWELD® WH250 with Flashback Arrestors Equivalent©™* 

VICTOR® J-100C-FA Standard Light Duty Style Torch Handle WITH FLASHBACK ARRESTORS  is machined from high-quality forged brass. Threaded construction facilitates easy repairs and services. VICTOR® J-100C style torch handle repair parts available
  • Forged Brass Head for Durability
  • Ribbed Torch Barrel provides for Sure Grip
  • Tube-in-Tube Design has greater wall thickness for higher handle strength
  • Dense die-forged brass body threaded for easy service
  • Control Valves have Teflon® packing for smooth, gas-tight operations
  • Welding Range 1-1/4"
  • "A" Hose Fittings
  • FA5TPR "A" Size Flashback Arrestors INCLUDED
  • Length 7-3/4"
  • Weight 13.3 Oz
  • 141C Cutting Attachment
  • Uses Welding Nozzles 171W, 871W, 881W G17-VMA-1 GMTW, GMTT GMTR, G17-FT G13-8VM, G17
  • Uses Heating Nozzles 171H, 171HN
  • Manufactured by GENTEC®

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