VICTOR UN Style WeldingNozzle 0323 0242

$98.00 $84.00

VICTOR UN Welding Style Nozzle Fits 300 Series Handles

  • Gas Service: Acetylene, Propane, MAPP®, Propylene
  • Nozzle bent at 65-degree angle for Soldering, Brazing, Heating
  • Uses Replaceable Tip Ends
  • Not Genuine VICTOR
          883TE 00~5  AcetyleneLong Cone
          883TEN 0
0~8   Fuel Gases, Long Cone
-1~5 Fuel Gases, RoseBud Style  
          883TEMFN-5 Size 5, Fuel Gases RoseBud Style
  • Made from Industrial Brass
  • Thread Size 5/16"-27
  • Length: 5"
  • VICTOR® UN 0323-0242 Equivalent©™*
  • Subject to Equivalency Rules.  Nozzle may be import, domestic, foregin, or complied from mix of import domestic parts
Torch Handles:


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