WZO KOIKE Hose-To-Torch Style Quick-Connector

$105.00 $85.00

WZO KOIKE® Hose-To-Torch Style Quick-Connectors

Provide fast, reliable, and easy setup for welding, cutting, and brazing applications

• Ensures pressure-tight connections made in seconds
• Built-in automatic reset check valves prevent reverse flow of gas by cutting off the gas under back pressure
• Oxygen and Fuel gas models are not interchangeable in order to prevent wrong connections
• Maximum working pressure: 29 PSI for fuel gases, 145 PSI for oxygen
• Gas must be shut off at regulators when disconnected
• Color-coded for fast efficient and safe handling
• B-FITTINGS = 9/16”-18 connections come STANDARD


QC-HHX                   ZASP-1                   Hose To Hose Oxygen

QC-HHF                   ZASP-2                   Hose To Hose Fuel

QC-HTX                   ZOSP-1                   Hose To Torch Oxygen

QC-HTF                   ZOSP-2                   Hose To Torch Fuel

QC-RHX                   ZGSP-1                   Reg To Hose Oxygen

QC-RHF                   ZGSP-2                   Reg To Hose Fuel

QC-HHPR                 WZA                       Hose To Hose Pair

QC-HTPR                WZO                       Hose To Torch Pair

QC-RHPR                 WZG                       Reg To Hose Pair

QC-HHX-F                NO.1                       Female half HHX

QC-HHX-M               NO.13                     Male half HHX

QC-HHF-F                NO.2                       Female half HHF

QC-HHF-M                NO.14                     Male half HHF

QC-HTX-F                NO.1                       Female half HTX

QC-HTX-M                NO.18                     Male half HTX

QC-HTF-F                NO.2                      Female half HTF

QC-HTF-M                NO.19                    Male half HTF

QC-RHX-F                NO.7                      Female half RHX

QC-RHX-M               NO.13                    Male half RHX

QC-RHF-F                NO.8                      Female half RHF


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